All authors have their own method of turning a first draft into a polished manuscript. All of those methods have one thing in common: editing, editing, and more editing.

I offer three levels of editing services. If you aren’t sure what your manuscript needs, feel free to send the first 4 pages (1000 words) for a quick evaluation to

Please note that while copy editing and proofreading skills can be applied to any manuscript, line editing is a service that requires both editing skills and familiarity with the target genre. For this reason, I have listed my genres of expertise under line editing.

Line editing

Line editing focuses on improving prose in all its formsparagraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, voice, and style. Due to the extensive changes that can arise from line editing, I always recommend seeking out a good copy editor or proofreader once you have revised your manuscript.

Price: $.015/word [50,000 word manuscript = $750]

Genres of Expertise: Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction

Copy editing

Copy editing involves checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and technical consistency; checking for continuity errors and inconsistencies; and ensuring any loose ends have been tied up.

What does technical consistency mean? It means I check that spelling, capitalization, font, numerals, and hyphenation are used consistently throughout the manuscript. If it says “e-mail” on page 5 but “email” on page 10, I correct that.

Price: $.007/word [50,000 word manuscript = $350]


Proofreading involves catching the final tiny errors like missing words; incorrect words, grammar, and punctuation; and odd formatting. I scour your manuscript, hunting for typos and misplaced commas, to ensure your final manuscript is as polished as possible.

Price: $.005/word [50,000 word manuscript = $250]

Turnaround time

Turnaround time depends on the length of the manuscript and is agreed upon in the contract. In general, proofreading a 50,000 word manuscript may take 5 business days, while copy or line editing the same manuscript might take 10 business days. “Rush” orders are negotiable and dependent on my availability.


Limited-Time Promotional Discounts

None currently available.

Other Discounts

Returning customer: 5% discount

CIR member: 5% discount

These discounts may be combined, up to a 10% total discount. They cannot be combined with limited-time promotional discounts.